Keep that New Car Smell

Checkered Flag offers detailing on any vehicle - no matter where you bought it!

Don't be afraid to bring us your "Never-been-washed-in-10-years" car, muddy, faded, dog/cat/pet hair filled, brake dusted, or your car that gets cleaned every weekend and you have better things to do this week vehicle. We can tackle anything!

Wash & Vacuum
Exactly as the name implies
Mini Detail
Wash, Wax, Vacuum, Glass & Interior
Full Detail
Wash, Wax, Vacuum, Glass & Interior, Deodorize, Shampoo Carpets, Clean Engine and Trunk

Schedule Your Service

Any Checkered Flag Location

To schedule a cleaning for your car, contact your Checkered Flag Service Adviser at the Checkered Flag location of your choice.

Call 757 490-1111 and ask for service or drop us a line below.