Processing Fee

Virginia Dealership Taxes & Fees

When making a car purchase you typically see the term “title, taxes, and fees are extra” and that is usually the case. Dealers advertise pricing and then place the disclaimer later in the ad because not everyone who buys a car, buys in the same state the dealer is located in. At Checkered Flag, a VA Dealership, we have a lot of customers who live in North Carolina and Maryland, and we do not want to discriminate against them because the tax rates are different in each state. So what are the tax rates for Virginia?

Virginia Vehicle Purchase:

  • 4% State Tax
  • 2/10% Gross Receipts Tax

Virginia DMV Fees:

  • $40.75 for new license plates
  • $10.00 for a title
  • $10.00 for electronic filing

Other Fees:

Sometimes the advertised price may not reflect freight charges on a new vehicle. The MSRP or sticker price of a new vehicle does have freight included. A processing fee is charged to aid in your protection and the dealership’s costs in helping to secure things on your behalf. Please watch the video up top for a further explanation of the dealer processing fee.

The posted fees may change without notification, so please contact your Checkered Flag representative for exact “out the door” pricing.