The Best Beaches for Swimming in Virginia Beach, VA

September 21st, 2023 by

Virginia Beach, VA, is a coastal dreamland, a place where the waves kiss the shore and the sun paints the sky with hues of gold. With a sprawling 35 miles of coastline, it’s a paradise for those who seek the embrace of the ocean. But not all beaches are woven from the same golden thread. Some are wild and adventurous, while others are calm and soothing, perfect for swimmers of all ages. 

In this whimsical journey, we’ll explore the best beaches for swimming in Virginia Beach, VA, all within a 30-minute drive of the city, where the clear water, soft sand, vigilant lifeguards, and handy amenities create a perfect symphony for a refreshing dip.

Resort Beach: Where Fun Meets the Waves

Aerial view of Resort Beach in Virginia Beach, VA oceanfront looking south at sunset. vacationers on the beach and the boardwalk. ocean waves beaking

Resort Beach is the heartbeat of Virginia Beach, pulsating with energy and excitement. Nestled along the iconic three-mile boardwalk, it’s a carnival of sun, sand, and surf. Here, the water dances to a moderate rhythm, shallow and inviting, perfect for swimming and wading. With lifeguards keeping a watchful eye and public restrooms and showers at hand, it’s a haven for water enthusiasts. Whether you’re parasailing or picnicking, Resort Beach promises a lively Virginia Beach experience.

Sandbridge Beach: A Symphony of Serenity

Sandbridge Beach is where tranquility sings its melodious tune. South of the bustling resort area, it stretches across five miles of dunes, whispering the secrets of natural beauty. The soft sand and gentle waves beckon swimmers and boogie boarders, while fishing piers and kayak rentals add a touch of adventure. With lifeguards during the summer and convenient facilities, Sandbridge Beach is your escape to relaxation in Virginia Beach.

Chesapeake Bay Beach: A Family’s Paradise

Chesapeake Bay Beach is a canvas painted with family joy. Spanning two miles from the Lynnhaven Inlet to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, it’s a playground for young and old. The coarse sand and calm water create a perfect setting for swimming, paddle boarding, and kiteboarding. With lifeguards, picnic tables, and fire pits, it’s a beach that weaves memories of a laid-back Virginia Beach experience.

Croatan Beach: A Cozy Coastal Corner

Croatan Beach is a local treasure, a mile of sandy shore kissed by fine sand and moderate surf. Backed by a charming residential neighborhood, it’s a cozy corner for swimming and surfing. Designated surfing areas add a thrill, while lifeguards and amenities ensure comfort. Croatan Beach is your quiet nook for a cozy Virginia Beach experience.

First Landing State Park: A Historic Haven

First Landing State Park is where history waltzes with nature. Located at Cape Henry, it offers 1.5 miles of sandy retreat on the Chesapeake Bay. The coarse sand and clear water invite swimmers and snorkelers, while trails and wildlife add a touch of exploration. Though there are no lifeguards, the park’s facilities make it an adventurous and educational Virginia Beach experience.

Swimming in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA, is a mosaic of coastal wonders, each beach a unique tile that adds to the beauty of the whole. From the lively Resort Beach to the serene Sandbridge Beach, from the family-friendly Chesapeake Bay Beach to the adventurous First Landing State Park, there’s a beach that sings to every soul. 

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